Check website rankings in search engines

SERP Parser automatically checks the website rankings in search engine results based on multiple search phrases.

It supports major search engines and services:
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords.

Monthly searches, cost per click, competition, and more

Indicators can provide mountains of analytical data for your reports! Monthly searches show the number of hits per month for each search phrase. Discover the cost per click and competition and learn the commercial weight of each phrase.

Data sources: Google AdWords.

Visit analysis

Visitor analysis measures the effectiveness of search phrases and helps you to choose a website optimization strategy.

Data sources: Google Analytics.

Competitor analysis

SERP Parser lets you analyze your competitors’ rankings too. Thanks to comparative analysis, you can better understand your competition.

High performance even at high volumes

SERP Parser can check large numbers of phrases in just minutes. Multithreading ensures high performance without compromising the accuracy of results.

Detailed reports

SERP Parser lets you conduct detailed comparisons of different data ranges, such as ranking trends, position in the top, competitors’ positions, hit statistics, and more.

Friendly user interface

SERP Parser’s user interface is simple and easy to use. The reports make it easy to break down massive amounts of data. And setting up the application takes only a few minutes!

For website owners

SERP Parser Lite

Own a website or two? Do you want to monitor their rankings in search engines? SERP Parser provides detailed reports and ensures accurate results.

= $29.90

For search engine optimizers

SERP Parser Professional

Need an industrial-scale solution? Maybe you need to check thousands of search phrases on multiple websites? SERP Parser can easily handle high volumes!

= $49.90